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Better is something we’re all looking for

Ok, so what do I mean when I say, “Better?” I mean seeking a holistic approach to health and wellness that makes you better every hour of every day.

Let’s be honest. As we strive to realize the best versions of ourselves, we sometimes get stuck along the way. I’m certified in various health and wellness disciplines and know what works and what doesn’t work for all types of commitment levels. Together, we can create a path to your better version that works for you. I’ve dedicated my life to helping motivated people get unstuck so you can Find Your Better.


What to expect from my coaching programs



A good night’s rest is the foundation for balancing hormones and vice-versa. Without a good night’s rest one’s hormones can get off track. Without fueling your body properly, one might lack the motivation to move. Without movement, one might find themselves restless at night. We can work together to manage your day-to-day activities in order to get to a better night’s sleep. With better sleep, I can assure you better days.   


Do you ever set the intention to workout, but then go to turn the lights out at the end of the night only to see your gym shoes in the exact same location that they were when you woke up? Or, maybe you had a plan in your head to make dinner that night only to find yourself at the drive through on your way to a meeting or soccer practice? Let me help you set your intentions and utilize your time in a better way and follow through with your daily intentions.


Breath is the most simplistic form of magic. Lets look closer at your breathing patterns whether it is on the mat, on the bike, in the pool or just walking from house to car. When the cycle of breath is cut short, you are depriving yourself better moments in time. With breath we learn to stand up taller, root down firmer and activate our muscles better.

+ master cleaner eating habits

Eating well is easy once you know what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. But if it doesn’t taste good, what’s the point? I’ll show you that you can eat well and actually enjoy what is on your plate. Clean eating does more than shed pounds, build muscle and repair bones – it also clears your mind, heightens your senses and ensures you have the energy to conquer things you’ve never thought possible.  

+ do what you love.
+ Love what you do.

When was the last time that you were so involved with what you were doing that no one or thing could tear you away? I am not talking about crunching numbers at your computer screen or making the kids lunches. I am talking about that fuel that lights your fire and brightens you up for the entire day. That fire that others sense when they are around you. That fire that others desire when you are all lit up. For me, my fuel is fired when I teach a yoga or barre class or am journaling about something I am truly passionate about. Let’s work together to ignite your memory on what those things are that fuel your fire and better fulfill your desires.


Why my coaching is, well, Better.

Just about any coach can tell you to eat this not that, do this not that, lift this don’t squat that, read this and think that, and so on. You need someone to tie it all together into a take-no-prisoners plan that makes sense for no one else but you.

Do you have to read a bunch of stuff? Nope. I’ve done all the homework so you don’t have to. Your detailed program is tailored with trusted health and wellness tools backed by years of hard work and experience across various health and wellness disciplines.

I’ve put in the time to learn a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t. And, guess what? The answer you’re looking for is already inside you. It’s always been there. Finding Your Better is about working side-by-side to discover the answer that works for you as we move toward your desired finish line together. You may stumble and you may fall. Guess what? You’re human. But I’ll be right there with you to reach down, pick you up, and remain with you every step of the way. Together, we’re going to do great things. Fun things. Challenging things. It’s totally-worth-it-things.


My programs include so much more than coaching.


Flexible Pricing

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Hyper-personalized, no-one-else-gets-this-plan with a downloadable workbook


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Motivational know-how simple and clean recipes, challenges and more


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Get unlimited access to me with text messaging. Yes, really!


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Join me in mindful meditation to train your better and focus your program


* Available with specific packages or additional fee

Colleen is a very important part of my journey towards a healthier lifestyle. Her positive energy and knowledge have truly empowered me! She has a highly person approach, and is a great listener. Colleen has really helped me stay focus on my goals. No matter what I’m struggling with, she is always there with great ideas. I have learned so much from her and will be forever grateful for all her help.
— Diane McIntosh, October 2018
Colleen Yoo is a Colorado-based, certified Life Coach. who uses a unique holistic approach to health and wellness called Find Your Better that helps people think, sleep and live better every hour of every day.
Colleen Yoo is a Colorado-based, certified Life Coach. who uses a unique holistic approach to health and wellness called Find Your Better that helps people think, sleep and live better every hour of every day.

Let’s Find Your Better, together

I’m Colleen and I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get down to work helping you find a better version of you. To breath better. Think better. Sleep better. Live better. Make better life choices. To do, be, and feel, well…better all around. Think of me as the Bert to your Ernie. The Batman to your Robin. The Thelma to your Louise. Together, we’ll Find Your Better and reveal the healthy life you’ve been waiting for.

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