Who Is Writing Your Story?

Truth. We all have “stuff”. Could be anger, resentment, or in my case anxiety. I am constantly checking in with myself to keep anxiety in check so that it does not rule my life.

Truth. I have a Choice. A) I can let anxiety rule my life or B) I can write my story and live my best life. Choice - write my story.

Truth. When I woke up yesterday morning I started thinking about all the things “I should do” instead of going on a hike with my kids. But, then I remembered that I need to include breaks in my life (something that I talk about often on the blog as yet another way to remind myself of their importance). A break from the lists, a break from cleaning, a break from planning, a break from learning. Pete constantly reminds me that our muscles (including the brain) need breaks in order to get stronger. I love me a good workout. I love learning new things. But, I know in order to get stronger in mind and body, I need to give myself a break.

Truth. This photo does not show any of my...anxiety, fear (anxiety), doubt (anxiety), impatience (anxiety) or fatigue (from being anxious).

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Truth. I made a choice to release anxiety (my “stuff) and write an amazing page in my book. I let the lists go and took a break with my kids. Our 2 mile hike up Horsetooth decreased anxiety, released fear, confirmed “I can do it”, stopped the “hurry” and increased my energy. Don’t get me wrong, the hike was not anxiety free. But, it helped release anxiety. I know that when I get outside and focus on nature, my “stuff” lightens.

What are some activities that help lighten your “stuff”? When was the last time you did one of those activities? For me, breaks are key! They remind me that I don’t have to be hustling all the d**n time. Ask yourself “What really matters?” Write your story.  Whether it’s anxiety or other “stuff”…don’t ever forget that you have a choice.

Choose to write your story.