What "Abundance" Means to Me

The word ABUNDANCE made its way into my vocabulary in September of 2017 when I became a member of Yoga Pod Fort Collins’ community. The word ABUNDANCE is used often by the latest community that I have joined at The Group Inc. The word ABUNDANCE continues to pop up when reading inspirational quotes, poems or emails. But, what does this word mean to me?

When I first heard the founder of Yoga Pod use the word ABUNDANCE, I didn’t put much thought into it. I appreciated his enthusiasm for it and understood the general meaning behind it, but was not yet ready to make it a part of my daily vocabulary. Sure, I realized that we all have an abundant amount of gifts and there is an abundant amount of things to be grateful for but it had not yet clicked the way it does today. Since that time, there have been many changes that came with highs and lows. Fast forward to today where I find myself in not only one, but two communities of like-minded individuals all believing the same thing. There is an ABUNDANCE of things to be grateful for each and everyday. The leaders behind both Yoga Pod and The Group Inc. firmly believe that there is an abundance of things to be grateful for. When s**t hits the fan because I am overwhelmed or any other reason, I am grateful for the people in my life that make me realize I need to slow down and take a break. When I am riding the highs, I take a step back each and every day to write down what I am grateful for. I think that the simple act of writing down what I am grateful for has made the word ABUNDANCE so impactful. 

When I start to doubt myself I find comfort in looking back at what I have recently jotted down that I am grateful for. I find comfort in truly believing that everything happens for a reason and that even on those tough tough days, I have an ABUNDANCE of things to be grateful for. 

Today marks the start of a new month. Try it on. Take a minute to write down what you are grateful for and know that you have an ABUNDANCE in your life. 

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