Do Less. Be More.

It has been a long time since I said YES to something without hesitation or regret. My dear friend and The Dailey Method (TDM) studio owner Carly asked me to join her and her TDM clients in Sayulita for a women’s wellness retreat to include barre, yoga, meditation, reiki, and relaxation. I said YES without hesitation or regret.

Based on the time of year, my anxiety and depression started creeping in weeks before our scheduled retreat. I have always been easily affected by clouds and was subconsciously getting anxious about spending so much time with so many people that I had never met before. If you were able to read my last blog, you know that I have been navigating an auto-immune disease. What I started to notice was that I was focusing on the symptoms and therefore the symptoms were escalating. A “retreat” was an order.

Upon arrival in Sayulita I was still in “doing” mode. It was not long before I flipped the switch and was in “being” mode. As much as I would love to share all of the details of my time in Sayulita, I am going to jump ahead to my life changing moment. Why? Well, my “why” is because I know that there is suffering in this world. I know that even if you are like me and can wake up and be grateful for what you have in your life …there can still be suffering. You might have wounds to be healed or fears to face. You might be easily affected by the rain and clouds or you might be one of those people that just gives and gives so much that you don’t even know that it is time for you to receive. Even if you are not working through anything, I think that you will still benefit from reading about my experience.

My intention for my time is Sayulita was to be “OPEN” to whatever came my way. I did not have to have a plan. What?! No plan? That is right. I did not have a plan to be this way or that. I did not have a plan to leave Sayulita feeling one way or another. I was OPEN to whatever happened.

Fast forward to an amazing session that I gifted myself with a Reiki master. If you have never experienced Reiki, I highly recommend you look in to finding a master in your area and giving it a try. This was the hour that changed me. Andrea provided me the space to let go of people that suck energy out of me in my present life and those that affected my past life. She provided me the space to let go of the weight I had been carrying…literally and figuratively. I am free. I don’t need to hang on to anything because I have all that I need. Our bodies hang on to what it has when it fears that we will not give it what it needs. I will give my body what it needs. Our minds hold on to notions of the future when we use past events to shape our current thoughts. By letting go of what happened, we can live in the now with freedom to move forward without anxiety. I will support support both body and mind. I am no longer trapped by a diagnosis. While, I will always have Hashimoto’s, I will not be defined by Hashimoto’s. I will support my body with what it needs at that moment. I will support my mind with what it needs at that moment. I gave myself the space in Sayulita to let my thoughts come in and out. I gave myself the space to allow others to support me.

Colleen Yoo | Find Your Better

No matter what you are working through right now, please give yourself space. You don’t need to travel to another country to find space. Space can be as simple as gifting yourself a break from your “to do” list and simply sitting on your couch for 30 minutes. Space can be a brisk walk. Space is about doing less and being more of your true you. Space brings one to their better self. Take a moment to think about what space means to you and give yourself the gift of space today.