Finding Balance

Balance...a BUZZ word in my world that is consumed with yoga, mothering, wifey-ing, daughter-ing, cleaning, and running (just to name a few of the things that I do!). 

Upon turning the Big 3-6 just 6 short days ago, I told myself that I would commit to 36 days of yoga. You see, I have "committed" to many activities like this before and actually do them because over the years I have realized how to find my balance and yoga is on the list. I actually Walk the Talk! Why did I find the urge to commit?! Well, for those of you who might not know, Pete and I have decided to train for this race called the Tough Mudder Half. Have you ever heard of it?! If not, just use your imagination...a crazy obstacle course in mud up in the mountains (and without kids)! It has been so fun training along side Pete, but along the way my meditations started getting shorter (or non-existant) and my ankles are getting Tight. I have committed to 36 days of yoga ranging anywhere from 5 minutes to 65 minutes. To me, yoga can be as simple as sitting on my mat in silence for 5 minutes or taking a sweat-threw-my-shirt 60 minute class. The balance is off-setting the fun and powerful training that Pete and I are doing with 5-60 minutes of yoga each and everyday. 

Where else have I found balance since turning 3-6? Well...last night, our Fire Alarm actually went off and started talking to us. "Fire" "Fire" "Fire". You can only imagine what happened crying, dogs barking, and Mom and Dad were shaking! After the second false alarm went off, I found myself in bed with all three kids until we could get them settled down. After a tiring night, I still woke up for my yoga class, but found the balance by allowing myself to lay down for 10 minutes in the middle of the day despite the "to do" list. Giving myself the permission to Rest does not come easy to me. However, I often times go back to something one of my yoga teachers said in class once. "When you are working, Really work...When you are resting, Really rest.". I find that when I allow myself the chance to really rest, I Really do a Kick A** job of working when I work. If you are reading this and have gotten this far, I thank you. Now, find some time to Rest. 

Colleen Yoo